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Are you ready to learn how to reclaim your feminine essence, and experience true abundance in all its forms?

Are you ready to reconnect with your passion and purpose, in a way that doesn't lead to total burnout?

Do you want to feel self-confident and deeply connected to your  sensuality, and feel radiant and alive in your body?

Are you ready to say goodbye to cramps, tightness or numbness and feel more orgasmic?

If you said "yes" to any of the above, this course is for you.

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The ultimate course that merges both pleasure and purpose. This course contains wisdom and practices that EVERY woman should know.You'll learn how to how to marry your inner masculine qualities of action and strategy, while doing so in harmony with your inner feminine qualities of creativity, intuition and flow.

You'll start by learning how to create a a safe and healthy environment, focusing on specific embodiment practices that will help you heal. From there you'll reclaim and activate your feminine essence, before moving on to a place of balanced leadership.

We've been under the false notion that business has no place for the feminine. The truth is the more connected you are with your feminine qualities, the more abundance and success you can experience. How? Because you go into the state of receptivity, where the energy of "source" creation can flow through and inspire you. Anything created from this place is a success.

This course begins on March 20th!

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feminine essence!


A journey that will activate you from within:

  • Deepen your relationship to yourself. Gain the confidence to access and express who you are, including your erotic nature to the fullest.

  • Heal past trauma that is stored in your body or your vagina and holding you back in your life or sexuality.

  • Overcome numbness of the vagina, shame and discomfort so you can enjoy pleasure more deeply, both alone and with a partner.

  • Discover the real meaning and power of your menstruation, learn how to plan your life according to your cycle and understand the different phases you go through each month.

  • Dive deeper into your feminine essence, connect with your own sacredness, discover the true source of your power: your Yoni (the Sanskrit name for female genitalia, meaning ‘holy temple’).

  • Learn a balanced approach to take your business to the next level of impact and abundance, while creating and leading directly from an embodied intuitive feminine center.

  • A framework to turn your passion into prosperity and your full time offering to the world.

  • Learn basic principles of sex magic and orgasmic manifestation.

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Come back to yourself.

True empowerment has nothing to do with creating a new a new identity. True Empowerment comes from shedding all that we are not, releasing the tightness, letting go of repression, shame and competition and becoming raw, open and stripped back to our true nature.

That’s what this course is dedicated to.

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A holistic approach to activated, feminine embodiment.

  • The Chakra system

  • Masculine and feminine energies and how to balance them

  • Main principles of Tantra and Embodiment.

  • Seed cycling

  • How to exercise according to your cycle

  • Reclaiming sexual sovereignty

  • Awakening the senses

  • Breast massage

  • Hormone balance.

  • Honoring your Yoni

  • Menstrual blood magic

  • Yoni Egg Practice

  • Vocal activation

  • Reclaiming feminine power

  • Activating and channeling Sexual Energy

  • Types of Orgasm

  • Experiencing full body orgasms

  • Sex Magic

  • Aligning with you JOB (Joy Of Being)

  • Building your brand

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This is a perfect way to learn how Tantra and Embodiment works and to try it out right away. All my teachings come in video format which includes theory lectures, guided follow-along practices (that I demo myself), workbooks, meditations and some of the juiciest homework of your life.

We won’t just be talking about Tantric techniques, we will be practicing them. As a part of the course you will be offered a guided Breast Massage ritual, a guided Yoni egg ritual and a Yoni de-armoring ritual. These guided practices have highly transformative potential.

Once the course opens you get access to the first week’s materials. The idea is not to overwhelm you with too much material, so we’ll go through modules weekly. Once we have gone through the six weeks together you can study and re-visit anytime, alone or with your partner.


Once you sign up, you're invited to join a live weekly call, where you can connect with other sisters, share your experience, ask questions or seek guidance. You'll also gain access to a dedicated community portal where you can stay in touch!

Your journey begins here

Only: $597

Or 3 monthly payments of $199

Join FemmePowered today and gain access to 6 profound modules that will guide you through practices and strategies that you can implement straight away:

  • Lifetime access to high-quality videos, PDF worksheets and audio files for each module.

  • Guided Rituals

  • Guided Meditations

  • Weekly Live calls and sharing circles with Sequoia (held Sundays at 11am PST)

  • Discounted 1:1 private mentoring with Sequoia

  • Access to the private group, for unlimited support from your sisters

Course begins on Sunday March 20th!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is the last day to register?
We begin March 20th, 2022. Please register before then to join us.

Q: How long do I have access?
A: You have access to our materials forever. During our group container, you will receive each week's content through our online portal. You can also download materials. You will be able to retain these resources for your personal use to continue journeying after the container ends if you choose. (Many women in the past have come back to our course materials again and again and consider this work to be a blueprint for life.)

Q: What is the time investment?

To receive the most from this space, we advise intending to devote a few hours per week, and to attend the weekly calls.

Q: What if I can’t attend the weekly calls?
A: All calls are recorded and posted in our private portal.

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