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beginning OF A BEAUTIFUL journey


An ongoing journey of transformation

I’m so happy to have you here and look forward to sharing this journey with you!

Tantra  and Sacred Sensuality have played a big role in my healing journey. For a long period of time, I felt disconnected from my body. For much of my teens and twenties I struggled with an eating disorder, abused drugs and alcohol, suffered with low self esteem, depression and anxiety and was constantly seeking happiness outside of myself.


Though I appeared successful from the outside, working in corporate marketing, traveling across the globe, I was totally disconnected from my true calling. After a series of traumatic events, I went into what is commonly known as a Dark Night of the Soul (in my case it was much more than a night, more like several months!). With much introspection and through the course of my healing journey, I realized that my self-sabotaging behaviors were primarily due to unresolved past sexual trauma.

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My path led me to deep dive into yoga and meditation, breathwork, ecstatic dance and plant medicines. I initially discovered Tantra in 2014. Since then I attended countless conscious events, festivals and workshops. I studied from a variety of practitioners and various schools of thought, to formulate an offering of the teaches that had the biggest impact on me.


For me Tantra has been an invitation to face all of myself - not just my pleasure, but also my pain, my darkness, and those sides of myself that are uncomfortable. It gave me the tools to go into these uncomfortable places. To tune in and actively choose to love each and every shadow within.


Through Tantra I was able to overcome deeply rooted sexual trauma and alchemize it into strength and embodiment.


Today I feel radiantly alive and ecstatic. With every step I manifest the life I desire with ease because I live in full integrity with my internal compass and intuition. It is from this place of transforming trauma into empowerment that I came to my own personal revolution. I wish to help you find that too.

I cannot take you where I haven’t been myself... and trust me, I have been to some very dark places. My work is reflected by my own journey of moving from that darkness and into the light, with a focus on feminine embodiment, the Tantric arts, conscious menstruation and Sensuality.


I am deeply inspired by helping you move through your own blocks, to find your own unique expression in this world. If you are ready to activate your fire, reclaim your power and return home to your true self, I would be honored to support you.


IS TO AVOID pleasure.

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  • Active Meditation Facilitation Training

    • 2019, Osho Center, India

  • Tantra Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training (200 hours)

    • 2019 Samadhi Yoga Ashram, India

  • Awaken as Love (Stage 1 & 2)

    • 2019 Awakeland, Portugal

  • Limitless Love - Initiation into Sacred Sexuality

    • 2016 Sundari Academy

  • Intro to Tantra

    • 2014 Psalm Isadora, Online
  • Master of Arts

    • 2013 Hyper Island, UK

  • Hatha Yoga Teacher Training (200 hours)

    • 2009 Sivananda Yoga, India

  • Bachelor of Commerce

    • 2007 Haskayne School of Business, Canada



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